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Will We Have Another Housing Crisis in 2023?


Market inflation isn’t just the Federal Reserve’s problem. It’s ours.

From a global retailer like Amazon going through a hiring freeze, grocery store supply crunches and the Fed exploring a digital dollar — now more than ever, we have to be smart with our money. Especially in our investments.

In today’s video, Amber and I discuss one of the biggest markets getting battered by inflation right now: housing and real estate.

You’ll find out:

Why mortgage rates are closing in on 7%.
The true irony of growth stocks.
A mega trend that could actually help housing construction.
What investment could be a huge winner in this bear market…

Are we really headed toward another housing crisis like 2008?

Find out more on today’s episode of Monday Market Insights:

(If you’d like to read a transcript, click here.)

This week on Winning Investor Daily:

Stay tuned for my article this Wednesday! I delve even deeper on what kinds of stocks make for the best bear market investments.

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Ian KingEditor, Strategic Fortunes

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