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Trading In A Bear Market Ain’t Rocket Science


Bear Market War Games

I feel safest of all.

I can trade puts and calls.

It’s the only way to trade … Mike Carr.

Alright. He’s lost it. Who’s got a translation?

Dude, that’s “Cars” by Gary Numan. Keep up!

Grab your popcorn, boot up your trading account and peel your eyes wide open — we’re back in the Great Stuff interview studio today!

All y’all longtime Great Ones will remember our fireside chats with some of the other Great minds here at Banyan Hill. Ian King, Clint Lee, Adam O’Dell … these guys are the who’s who of stock market research.

But what list of investing royalty would be complete without … drumroll please … Mike Carr?

First, Mike dropped One Trade — a brilliant way to outwit volatility by trading just one single ticker, day in, day out.

Now Mike’s back with an all-new trading method that spits in the face of volatility and head-butts the notion of “buying and holding” through bear markets.

If you’ve traded with Mike in One Trade, listen up. If you’ve never traded with Mike before, listen even closer. The man’s a freaking rocket scientist, after all! And this is one trade you don’t want to miss — so let’s get into it!

Great Stuff:

Mike, you’ve officially got the hype train rolling. What can you tell me about this “trading revolution” you’re about to unveil? What is it? Spill the beans, man … inquiring minds want to know!

Mike Carr:

Joe, this is the worst market for stocks in 50 years.

So guess what? I’m kicking stocks to the curb.

I’ve decided to trade something else. This is a bit controversial, but the results I’ve back tested are out of this world.

Great Stuff:

Wait … did you just make a rocket joke? And no stocks? At all? I’m liking this already.

Alright then. Spill your secrets. What’s the deal with these “out of this world” back-test results?

We need deets, my man!

Mike Carr:

So I know you’re not going to believe this, but I tested price data from the last seven years…

Great Stuff:

You’re right. I don’t believe it!

Mike Carr:

Ahem, so after crunching the numbers and finessing my trading strategy to perfection, the end result was a 43,000% gain.

Great Stuff:

LOL… OK, right. Hit ‘em with “marketing math,” am I right?

43,000% … that’s a good one, Mike. So what were the real results?

Mike Carr:

Oh, I’m not joking, Mr. Great Stuff. This is all very real.

Great Stuff:

For realzies? You’re not just blowing smoke up my skirt? Pulling the ol’ Cold War two-step? How is this even possible?

You must realize that 43,000% sounds ridiculous, man.

Mike Carr:

It sounds impossible, but I assure you it is. You see, we’re leveraging the No. 1 asset of the last decade to create this gain. It is the most tradable asset on the planet.

But most people don’t see this asset the way that I do. They’re locked into a narrow way of thinking. And I’ve found a way to boost the gains of just buying and holding.

Great Stuff:

Oh, now we’re getting secretive. The decade’s No. 1 asset? Is it Beanie Babies? No … wait. Those are long gone. It’s NFTs, isn’t it?

Please tell me it’s not NFTs!

Mike Carr:

Umm … no. Jeez, Mr. Great Stuff. It’s not baseball cards or Furbies either. And no, I I’m not going to tell you even if you guess right.

Great Stuff:

Alright, Gandalf, keep your secrets…

I guess some mystery is good. Fortunately, I already know what it is. Great Ones, you’ll just have to wait for the big reveal. It’s good to be Mr. Great Stuff

Anywho, you mentioned this is the next big trading revolution. What makes it a “revolution?”

Why is trading this asset so important right now?

Mike Carr:

You’re just full of questions, aren’t you?

Great Stuff:

I mean, this is an interview, Mike. Just saying…

Mike Carr:

Let me ask you this: Have you followed the market this year?

Great Stuff:

Well, like … it’s my job. It’s what I do.

Mike Carr:

Right. Then you know as well as I do that if you buy and hold, you’re a sitting duck. If you go to cash, you’re dead in the water with inflation.

You have to trade. The market hasn’t given you any other choice.

However, you can still choose to trade smartly. (I think that’s a word.) Either way, I love environments like these because they actually give me what I need to be a better trader.

Great Stuff:

I never knew that market carnage and blood in the streets got your trading juices flowing, Mike. Remind me to be careful the next time we have a drink or two together.

Mike Carr:

It’s not quite that aggressive, Mr. Great Stuff … but you’re not wrong either.

Volatility is a trader’s best friend. The enormous price swings — up and down — give us incredible opportunities to make huge, fast returns. I design systems that exploit this behavior. And my latest system exploits the best trade out there.

Great Stuff:

I hear you, Mike. I personally love volatility. But then, I’m a somewhat aggressive options trader in my spare time.

My Great Ones, however … not so much. Most of them are stock investors and ETF traders, with a few crypto hodlrs thrown in for good measure. They don’t really jive well with volatility. Know what I’m sayin’?

That said, if you’re for real on this “43,000%” return stuff … I’m sure you’ll turn more than a few heads.

But, come on. There’s gotta be a catch. It’s gotta be something like sacrificial goats or something, right?

Did you go down the to crossroads, Mike? It’s OK. You can tell us.

Mike Carr:

What? No! Leave the goats alone, Joe. And no one is signing any pacts with sketchy figures on dirt roads. You’ve watched too many ‘80s movies, Mr. Great Stuff.

Great Stuff:

Spoil sport. But seriously. What’s the deal? What risks are we talking about here?

Mike Carr:

That’s exactly what’s so impressive about this.

See, I wanted to design something that could be explosively profitable without having to suffer through large drawdowns.

Great Stuff:

Don’t we all…

Mike Carr:

True. And if I was fine with huge risks, I’d just buy bitcoin.

Great Stuff:

Preach, brother.

Mike Carr:

That’s why I designed this strategy to have 80% less risk than bitcoin, with five times more profit potential.

Great Stuff:

Say what? Did you just let slip that bitcoin is at the heart of your new trading revolution?


Mike Carr:

Ha … you only know what I let you think you know.

Great Stuff:

Sneaky. But I would expect nothing less from Mr. Rocket Scientist Mike Carr.

Mike Carr:

Sigh… I’m never gonna live that down, am I?

Great Stuff:

That’s just what happens when we go out drinking, Mike. So what is it? What is this asset that you’re making unbelievable returns on?

Mike Carr:

I’m sorry, Great Ones. But you’re going to have to sign up to find out.

Just go to this page and enter your email, and I’ll tell you.

I’ve been holding this one pretty close to the chest and I’m afraid I may have said too much already. For full details, you have to sign up.

Great Stuff:

Alright, Mike. I get you. But you know I’m gonna keep trying to squeeze some more deets out of you … it’s just what I do.

Great Ones already hear enough (*too much) about me. Tell me about yourself, Mike. How did you get into building trading systems?

Mike Carr:

Did you know that I singlehandedly defeated the Soviets during the Cold War?

Great Stuff:

Freaking sweet! Was it like you and a scrappy bunch of teenagers hiding in the hills and taking potshots at Soviet troops?


Mike Carr:

Again, too many ‘80s movies.

I’m clearly joking. But one thing that people usually find pretty interesting is that I helped write the code we used for our nuclear weapons.

Great Stuff:

See? Rocket scientist!

Mike Carr:

Sure … whatever.

The code I wrote made it so our missiles would go where they were supposed to. We never had to use them. Thank God! But having this technology is really what allowed us to keep the Soviets at bay and prevent the war from escalating.

Great Stuff:

So you were one of those “Top Men” that plagued Indiana Jones? Sounds like you were pretty high up in the military. Do you know where the Ark is? What about Area 51?

Man, I should’ve laid out a better spread before you got here

Mike Carr:

I’m ignoring you now.

My full title is Lt. Col. Michael J. Carr, USAF (ret.), CMT CFTe, if that tells you anything. And yes, that is a brag. I’m smart and I’ve earned the right to flex.

As a lieutenant colonel, I was just a couple ranks away from becoming a general. But I spent the second part of my career preparing to retire. I’ve been trading ever since.

So I served my 20 years and moved on. But the military was a lot of fun. While I served, I got to spend seven years at the Pentagon. For four of those years, I was crawling around inside the walls of the Pentagon essentially laying out the foundation for the DARPAnet.

So everyone knows the military gets the coolest technology before the general public… I basically installed an early version of the internet. Then I did another three years at the Pentagon working with the NSA. This was security clearance, military-ID technology that we still use.

Great Stuff:

So rocket scientist and founder of the internet? Dude, we need a movie about you.

Mike Carr:

As long as it’s not a Netflix adaptation…

Great Stuff:

You’ve been trading ever since you left the military?

Mike Carr:

I’ve been trading since 1987. I retired from the military in 2005.

It was pretty early on in my career that a senior officer basically told me I had to learn how to trade if I ever wanted to fly first class. I had never thought about first class before, but once he said that, I wanted it.

Great Stuff:

Of course! Who wouldn’t?! They have free drinks in first class!

Mike Carr:

Have you ever considered AA? Never mind…

When I retired, I became a full-time trader. Within three years, I came out with a book on relative strength, the momentum indicator, and that got me a lot of notice.

I was recruited to run an $80 million fund in 2009. I grew it to $220 million within a couple of years, but then I left because I hated selling. That’s all money management really is.

I wanted to trade — and teach others how to trade. That’s why I’ve been in the financial publishing space for the last decade.

Great Stuff:

So what you’re telling me is that this new trading revolution is the culmination of everything you’ve spent your career doing? Your magnum opus, so to speak?

Mike Carr:

In a sense, yes. This is the most powerful strategy I’ve ever put together, no doubt about that.

But I will say it’s not for the faint of heart. The strategy is designed to make the winners count.

In fact, the wins are five times bigger than the losses, but the losses are more frequent. That balances out — again, it shows a 43,000% return over seven years. And on the way up, that account never dropped more than 15%.

Great Stuff:

Ah, the old options trader’s No. 1 rule: Let your winners run, and cut your losses short.

Mike Carr:

Exactly, but it’s more complicated than that.

My strategy never suffered a bear market. It went straight up. But that’s only possible with the kind of programming I do. It’s the same programming I used to code missiles, just applied to the stock market to equally devastating effect.

And anyone can use it.

Great Stuff:

So simple that anyone can use it? Like entering a code. Pushing a button. And … boom! Explosive gains … or thermonuclear war. It’s all so easy!

We have hope again!

I can’t wait to try out your oh-so-secretive strategy, Mike. And thank you for giving the Great Ones an early peek at it.

If you — yes, you — haven’t signed up to see Mike’s trading brilliance in action, now’s your chance!

Click here to see what Mike’s been working on.

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