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The Secret to Surviving Volatility


This week was brutal.

At the lowest point yesterday, the S&P 500 had dropped 3.7% since the start of the week… And the NASDAQ had dropped 4.4%.

That was after the Fed took stocks to the cleaners on Friday.

So, the question for us traders is: How can we stay afloat in this volatility?

The answer is timing. Knowing when to act, and when not to, is a real skill.

It’s why I only trade for the first hour of the day…

And why I only stay in trades for a matter of days, hours, or minutes…

This mindset has saved me an incredible amount of money… and an invaluable amount of stress.

Trade Kings members know what I’m talking about… I preach it almost every day in the Trade Room.

And in the midst of this lousy week for the market, we had some nice winners in the Room with signals in CCJ and UBER:




Notice the time frame of most of these trades… 16% in UBER in 3 minutes… 35% in SNAP in 7 minutes…

Scoff at those smaller gains if you want. That’s great trading. And it’s exactly how you play a volatile market: get in quick – and be happy to get out quicker in profit!

The Trade Room offers opportunities like these nearly every single day, market conditions be damned.

And that’s why it continues to outperform any buy-and-hold strategy out there.

Speaking of fast gains…

You know that super-exclusive scanner I’ve been talking about recently?

The one that’s designed to detect only the biggest, smartest bets the elite traders of the world are making?

The one that gave us a 139% return in a four month span this year?

Well, it keeps getting better.

Because last week it tipped me off to another triple digit winner in FCX calls…

And today, we just hit our first profit target on AAPL calls that we opened yesterday.

So, go ahead an add another 2 winners to the already insane track record.

The time to release this groundbreaking new system is getting closer and closer.

And the waitlist has already got a ton of attention…

If you haven’t added your name yet, go here. When it comes time to open the doors, you’ll be first in line.

Now, I mentioned it’s been a brutal week (if you’re not in the Trade Room).

Unfortunately, my watchlist and free trade didn’t escape the beatings unscathed.

Let’s take a look.

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

We’ve seen a decent bounce back so far today, so we can only hope this tide keeps rising.

As for the watchlist stocks:

AAL fell 2.6% from $13.64 to $13.28.

CCJ fell less than 1% from $29.30 to $29.08.

EDU fell 5.7% from $28.93 to $27.27.

And TAL took the furthest dive, falling 16.7% from $6.56 to $5.46.

As TAL stock got crushed, so did my free trade recommendation to Buy TAL September 2, 2022 $6.50 calls for $0.60

These contracts never traded higher than $0.60, and are now about to expire worthless.

Can’t win them all.

I’m still optimistic about an upcoming market rally… And I think we could see some nice action next week.

However, it will be a short week with Labor Day on Monday.

So, make sure you rest up, and come into Tuesday ready to rock and roll, folks.

See you then.


Andrew Keene
Editor, Kings Corner

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