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Cauterize the Wounds of a Bleeding Portfolio


When you think of a “finance guru”, you probably think of some snobby rich guy in a velvet suit driving an Italian sports car to his private jet…

He skips up the airstair, then turns to the camera and says, “I’m just like you.”


Now, I never loved the term “guru,” but I’ll concede I fall into that category.

And I know you see me driving my McLaren, traveling the world, and only working for an hour each day.

The difference is, I’m well aware that most people don’t live like this. And I don’t pretend they do.

Let’s face it… if they did, you’d have no reason to listen to me.

You don’t usually take financial advice from your barber or Uber driver…

At least, I hope you don’t. That’s like copying the class clown’s homework.

But there is one way you and I are very alike: we’ve been hit hard in 2022.

My account has lost nearly $100,000 in value this year. Maybe you’ve lost even more, or maybe a lot less. Regardless, just know that you’re not alone.

Even the best, smartest traders in the world are struggling in this market, especially when the Fed is doing everything in its power to fight inflation – even if it costs us a painful recession.

It’s frustrating, infuriating, and feels downright unfair.

You know I’m a bull at heart, and I want to see the market rage higher as much as anyone.

But that isn’t always reality.

Like you, I’ve had to roll with the punches all year. I even starting adding put signals to all of my scanners.

But as bad as some weeks can be, there are weeks like this one that give me hope…

We had a monster week in the Trade Room, with members reporting triple digit winners every single day.

I couldn’t include all the messages from the chat, but here are a few of my favorites from this week…

Here are some FAST gains…

These comments showcase the sheer speed in which a lot of these trades are being closed.

59% in 30 minutes… 50% in 6 minutes… Great trading, people!

But there were just as many HUGE wins…

These are just a few of the gains folks claimed over 100%! Again, these are all within the first hour of trading, aside from Jacob, who made an insane 600% in SHOP calls overnight!

Along with all the messages above, we also had many folks make money in signals from LCID, LYFT, AAPL, and CMCSA.

So, while our accounts may be bleeding, weeks like this help cauterize the wound.

All we can really do, is keep our heads up, trade smart, and keep chipping away day by day, taking winners when we get them, no matter how small they may seem.

Speaking of taking winners, my elite service, Super Options, just closed another trade on CVX calls yesterday when we hit our second profit target.

If you remember, this is the strategy that focuses only on the very largest bets the Wall Street whales are placing. The scanner only detects signals in trades worth over $1 MILLION. And this same strategy has been instrumental in helping build back accounts all year, as it had a return of 139% in just four months.

I’m offering a special discounted price to join, but the sale ends at midnight tonight.

If you want the full details on how this works, click here while you still have time.

Now, let’s see how my watchlist performed this week.

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

As of this writing, we’re 50-50 on the watchlist stocks, with 2/4 winners.

AAPL is up 0.3% from $139.94 to $140.40.

OXY is up 1.1% from $66.65 to $67.39.

CHPT is down 5% from $13.59 to $12.86.

And APPS is down 1% from $13.43 to $13.29.

A bit of a choppy week ends up rather unchanged here on Friday.

The free trade idea to Buy APPS October 21, 2022 $15 calls for $0.33 turned out to be a nice winner, as these contracts were trading at $0.51 this morning after the opening bell.

If you had sold them at the peak this morning, you could have made a nice 54% profit from this trade.

That makes five weeks in a row that the free trade idea could have netted potential gains for you.

I know it’s been difficult trading at times this year, but hopefully these ideas can offset some of your losses.

If they have, write to me at and tell me about it. Even if you’re down on the year, I’d like to see how I can help you recoup some capital.

That’ll do it for me this week. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Trade Kings open house. I had a wonderful time running the room for you all!

Have a restful weekend, and let’s come back Monday to continue to weather this storm together.

Til then,

Andrew Keene
Editor, Kings Corner

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